How can I visit uttarakhand as a tourist?


Government removed Covid-19 Negative and stay for two days

It is necessary to register on the Smart City Dehradun website.


States and cities are gradually being lifted after a long time. Now the state of Uttarakhand has removed travel restrictions and redesigned the state for tourism purposes.

For tourists coming to the state of Uttarakhand, the government has amended the negative report of the Covid investigation and along with this, the ban on the two-day stay at the hotel and hotel. Now tourists can come to visit Uttarakhand without a Covid investigation report, but it is mandatory to register by visiting the smart city Dehradun's website.


This decision taken by the government has raised new hope among citizens and businessmen associated with the tourism industry.

For tourists coming from outside states, there was a provision of permission to enter the state only after conducting an antigen test, negative report of RT-PCR Covid test from ICMR recognized lab.


Registration made mandatory

 Booking a stay for at least two days was made mandatory for tourists to stay in hotels and homestays. But now the government has abolished this system. It is now compulsory for tourists visiting the state to visit the smart city website.

 Hotels and Restaurants

Restaurant and Hotel and Home Stay operators will be required to follow the sanitization, thermal screening, and other protocols of tourists. If a tourist is found to be corona infected it will be mandatory to inform the district administration immediately.

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