Diwali | Festival of Light | Deepawali | Famous Indian Festival

The Festival of Light: Diwali (Dipawali)

Diwali | Festival of Light | Deepawali | Famous Indian Festival

Diwali | Festival of Light | Deepawali | Famous Indian Festival
Diwali is a Hindus festival which comes in the month of  Kartika (Between mid-October and Mid-November). Diwali is one of the most popular festivals of Hindu, Diwali symbolizes the spiritual "victory of light over darkness" and knowledge over ignorance. This festival (Diwali) is widely associate with Lakshmi (Goddess), goddess of money, but the regional traditions connect it to Sita and Rama, Vishnu, Krishna, Durga, Kali, Vishvakarma, Yama Yami and Dhanvantari.


When we think which country has the oldest culture an answer comes out which is India.

This festival we celebrate on this day God Rama kills Ravana, the good over evil. The festival of Diwali is like to be a gift of god Rama (A Hindus God) to the Hindus. The Hindus celebrate Diwali festival with joy and happiness. The Diwali festival, the Hindus community celebrates it with lights because in this festival the Hindu community plays with the cracks and there are many names of these toys such as atom bomb, butterfly bomb, etc. If you search on the internet for the place of Ravana the answer will be Lakshadweep and the proof of this there is a path between India to Lakshadweep, the path which is made by the God Rama’s army. The Diwali festival makes a sense for the history of the Indian culture. Many proofs come out from the Lakshadweep Island of the culture of India.

If you want to see the Indian culture go to youtube and search "Ramayana" you will find what happened. If you are from India don't be hesitate to call yourself Indian. Because India has unreachable histories that are coming out nowadays. The festival of the Hindus community is related to their history. But nowadays, many Indians hesitated to call himself an Indian. They change their name when they go to foreign countries.

If you're not cheap share it and comment. And also comment what you think about to be an Indian?
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